Common questions from Underclassmen

  • Q: When can I get into NHS?

    A: Prospective Members are invited to apply for NHS membership in the Spring of their Sophomore year.

  • Q: How will I know that I am invited?

    A: Prospective Members will receive an invitation in the form of an email or letter then invites them to apply for membership.

  • Q: Does an invitation mean I will be a member?

    A: No, an invitation does not mean automatic membership. National Honor Society is a prestigious organization that values Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. We must review all applicants and select those we think embody our core values.

  • Q: What is the criteria for getting into NHS?

    A: National Honor Society is a nationally acclaimed society which only accepts the most qualified individuals. In order to qualify, one must demonstrate each of the four pillars listed above. To show Scholarship, a prospective member must have a weighted GPA of a 97.5 or better. To show Service, one must report acts of community service on their candidate form. To show Leadership, a prospective member must present an example of a role of leadership in another organization (if one does not have a previous leadership role, leadership competency will be evaluated from the submitted essay as well as the recommendation letter). To show Character, a prospective member will submit an essay and a recommendation letter from a teacher; both must demonstrate valuable character traits that are necessary for acceptance.

  • Q: When and how will I find out that I got in?

    A: New members will be notified in the late Spring of their sophomore year and will be highly encouraged to attend an induction ceremony in May. At this point, they are members and can start completing NHS projects.

  • Q: When do I pay my dues? How much are dues?

    A: Dues are paid at induction and are $40.

Common Questions from Upperclassmen

  • Q: Can I be invited to join as a junior or senior?

    A: Yes, you can. There are fall invitations for Juniors and Seniors as well as Spring for Juniors.

  • Q: Can I get Chaps in Service hours for an NHS Project?

    A: Yes, but only if your NHS hours requirements have already been met. We must make it clear that Chaps in Service and NHS are two different organizations that each have their own requirements. No member is ever allowed to “double-dip” meaning no member is allowed to receive both Chaps in Service hours and NHS Hours for one event. That being said, the purpose of NHS is to help the community, and therefore, we will never turn away individuals that want to help. If members need Chaps in Service hours, they are certainly allowed to attend the NHS project and receive Chaps in Service hours— however, only Chaps in Service hours.

  • Q: How do I sign up for a project?

    A: A link to a sign up using Google Forms will always be posted on the NHS NHS Slack. To participate in a project, a member must sign up using Google Forms, unless otherwise instructed.

  • Q: How are projects verified?

    A: In addition to operating on honor, there will be a verification system in place. At each event, each member who has signed up to attend must both sign in at the beginning and sign out at the end of the event with whoever the Executive Board has designated to monitor attendance. If a member shows up late or has to leave early, the time of arrival or departure will be recorded and their project credit adjusted accordingly. The attendance sheets will be given to the Treasurer for record keeping and project credit allocation. At all group projects where it is possible, a group photo will be taken for memories and for record of who was present at the event. Additional details regarding this form are present on the form itself.

  • Q: Where can I check my hours?

    A: There will be a place on this website where you can enter your lunch number, and you will be able to see your projects. In the event, these projects are not accurate, please notify your an Executive Board Member. They know who can fix it.

  • Q: I am worried that I will not hear about projects and that I will not have someone to ask questions to. How do I stay in the loop?

    A: No need to worry! Excellent communication is pivotal to the success of NHS. Our website has a Google Calendar that will be updated constantly with all projects. This website will also include all information that is necessary for members to have. In addition to a well-kept and highly informative website, all board members will be sharing their contacts with members via the website and in person at the first meeting. This will be in addition to the NHS Slack. Slack will be used by the Executive Board to send reminders regarding every project and to answer and chat with group members to ensure everyone is kept in the loop. Please note that SLACK is being used rather than group messaging to prevent a member being charged for each text sent in a group message which would add up rapidly. All Executive Board members and our sponsors can be reached through email, text, or Facebook messaging.

  • Q: I am a senior. How do I get my stole/bib/collar?

    A: Stoles or Cords are provided to those who meet the service requirements and are members in good standing. These will be available for pick up in May. No additional purchase is necessary (stoles/cords are paid for in the dues collected at induction).